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We are committed to improving the lives of orphans in China. A Mother’s Love cares for orphans and works alongside other Christian organizations to bring about the love and attention God has intended for His children!

A Mother’s Love continues to care for orphans in China through the following four main areas:

  • Medical Assistance   A Mother’s Love provides life-changing surgeries for orphans which places their name on a list to find a forever family! We also purchase medical equipment and supplies orphanages need.
  • Developmental/Education   We sponsor orphaned children and send them to public school and summer camps. A Mother’s Love funds libraries, playgrounds, and various nutrition programs to ensure the children are having their daily needs met in every aspect. The extra orphanage nannies we hire especially provide the love and security each child so desires.
  • Foster Care  A Mother’s Love has sponsored 52 children up-to-date to be placed in foster care at New Day Foster Home and Home Healing Home. It is here these orphans have the opportunity to experience proper care in a Christian home environment away from the orphanage.
  • Adoption Awareness We support Show Hope, another non-profit organization, in raising funds for families who desire to adopt a child or children domestically and internationally.

Agape Family Life House

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We spend quite a bit of time at Agape Family Life House in Langfang (outside Beijing). This is a Foster Home for children with Brittle Bones disease and it is where Wen Wen lives and works at the Bread of Life Bakery. Britt and Jen stayed in the Guest Room above the Bakery with the other girls who work there and we all had an awesome time getting to know them better and learning how they make carrot cake, cookies, bratwurst, pizza, and cupcakes! It is SO hard not to eat everything in sight, especially when it all smells so good!

There are approximately 17 kids of all ages who live and go to school at Agape. The staff provides wonderful care for all of them and we are proud to partner with Agape. You will see pictures of the Pink House which AML has provided funds for helping them get the interior built out so that about 6 kids and House parents Clay and Jewel Floch can live there. Keith Wyse and Clay have done an incredible job with the build out, especially considering they started from a concrete shell! All of the kids at Agape learn about Jesus and are loved in so many ways! AML is proud to partner with Agape and we love what they do for these special children.

Ankang Projects

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A Mother’s Love is pleased to partner with the Director and staff at the Ankang orphanage in helping to develop and stimulate the young children before they reach school age (about 6 yrs old). We were able to provide them with the following:

  • 4 New computers for the Pre-School Education Room
  • 4 new HD TV’s and DVD’s in the Pre-School and Baby Play Rooms
  • Disney wallpaper for the Pre-School Play Room
  • Brightly colored foam mats for the flooring in the Baby Playroom
  • Cartoon Artwork on the walls in the Baby Playroom
  • New Canon HD camera for high quality pictures and video of the children to be sent to Adopting Parents

It is incredibly rewarding to visit the orphanage and see the children benefiting from the projects. We certainly appreciate the Ankang staff always allowing us to come and play with the kids and AML is proud to partner with them to help the orphans in a meaningful way!

Bring Me Hope Camp (Ankang)

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We had a lot of fun organizing a mini Bring Me Hope camp for about 15 kids of all ages in the Ankang orphanage. We all had an incredible time singing, dancing, and making Memory Books over a 2-day period! It is amazing how attached you can become to the kids in such a short time (and how attached they become to you as well!). It was hard to say goodbye but we know they appreciated us coming all the way from the US to show them the love of the Father and they will always have their Memory Books to remember our special time together. Our favorite (and most hilarious) moment came when the Assistant Director joined us onstage for an impromptu dance to TobyMac’s “Me Without You” at the end of camp!! We have become good friends with many of the kids and staff at the orphanage over the years which allows us to do more to help them in the future.

China trip – December 2011

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Jeff visited China in Dec 2011 to get the passport and visa paperwork started for Wen Wen (now at Agape Family Life House) and Yvonne (our awesome translator from Bring Me Hope camp). The trip was successful and included visits to Agape Family Life House in Beijing and the Childen’s Welfare Institute in Ankang.

Agape – this incredible facility outside Beijing (in Langfang) is privately run and helps kids who have Brittle Bone Disease (Osteogenesis Inperfecta). They were kind enough to make room for Wen Wen after we arranged for her to leave the Ankang Orphange in Feb 2011. Keith and Cheryl Wyse and their team do an AMAZING job caring for about 20 kids who live there. They also run the Bread of Life Bakery which makes some of the finest baked goods in Beijing! Wen Wen works at the Bakery and enjoys working with the others preparing cakes, pizza, sausage, etc….You can learn more about Agape Family Life House at www.aflh.org and the incredible work they are doing.

Ankang Orphanage – AML is sponsoring some projects at this orphanage to help the kids with Preschool Education. This includes cartoon paintings on the walls, computers, videos, and other educational tools to help the kids learn before they begin Primary School at Age 6.


Jeff at Ankang with some of the older kids.

Jeff at Ankang with some of the older kids.

Ankang Childen’s Welfare Institute

Ankang Childen’s Welfare Institute

Bread of Life Bakery at Agape Family Life House - makes the best Carrot Cake in Beijing!!

Bread of Life Bakery at Agape Family Life House - makes the best Carrot Cake in Beijing!!

Jeff with the girls who work at the Bread of Life Bakery at Agape Family Life House.

Jeff with the girls who work at the Bread of Life Bakery at Agape Family Life House.

Wen Wen and Yvonne at airport in Xian

Wen Wen and Yvonne at airport in Xian

Foster Care Update

August 15, 2010 in Adoption

Feng Bao HuaBao Hua was a newborn discovered without parents on May 4, 2010.
He was taken to a local orphanage that same day and was placed into a foster family on May 6, 2010. Though he was very sick at first and ate very little, he now eats and sleeps regularly. His health has really improved over the last few months. He likes to be held and to play by kicking his legs.

Feng HuiHui was born on February 11, 2010 and was brought into the local orphanage that same day. She was placed into a foster family on February 17, 2010. She enjoys being held and interacting with others. She gets along well with her foster family. Hui is also very smart and cute. She has a soft voice and likes to move about freely.

Feng Yu XiaoBorn on May 16, 2010, Yu Xiao was taken to a local orphanage when her parents could not be located. She weighed only 2 kilograms and had deformities in both her knees and elbows. Through the care of her foster family, she has greatly improved. Her stiff arms and legs have now gained some flexibility. She is able to stretch more and can even sit for a little while when supported. Yu Xiao loves to be held and enjoys playing with toys that make sounds.

Wang Long ManWang Longman is nearly 13months old, he is a pretty little boy and he is very clever, when he sees granny is making milk for them, he will see granny make milk quietly. When granny gives the bottle to him, he will pick it up quickly and suck hardly, 250ml milk will finished soon, and then he will give the bottle to granny and says: give, give, and give. So cute, granny kisses him happily and praises him: well-behaved. Longman is a well-behaved pretty boy.

Feng Yu ChenYu Chen was born on May 17, 2010 and was placed into a foster family that same week. She was discovered with a missing left rib and an extra digit on her left hand. Now, she eats and sleeps well. She also likes to interact with others.

RachelRachel is now seven months old and is starting to gain weight. She is developing well and growing stronger every day. She can now push herself up when lying on her stomach. Whenever we help her to stand she tries to bend her knees and jump. She is absolutely adorable when doing this! She will now reach out to request specific toys and can sit all by herself. Rachel is developing more each day. She can successfully pass toys from one hand to another. We watch her using her eyes, mouth and hands to examine her surroundings. We have to keep a close eye on her as she will try and grab everything in sight and try to put it in her mouth. When crying, she makes a humming sound. Rachel has an understanding of which toys are hers and will let us know if we mix this up. She stays entertained for the longest time! Rachel will respond to her name when we call her. She is a wonderful child and we love her dearly!

Day 8 – Hope Healing Home

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Today we went to a new “Silk” Market” which Casey Sapp recommended and then headed to Hope Healing Home to see Joyce and Robin Hill.

We had an awesome but short visit. Joyce and I were able to discuss Wen Wen and what we might be able to do for her and the other Ankang kids.

While we were playing with the babies, Steven Curtis Chapman (twitter) came in to say hello and give us some updates on all they are doing with the Hills in China. Then we caught up with Mary Beth (twitter) to learn more about the amazing projects they have going on all over China. What a blessing!

We always love visiting Hope and chatting with Robin and Joyce — and playing with the babies!

Day 7 – Ankang

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Today we drove a van down to Ankang from Xian. It was about a 3 hour drive that was very easy and on brand new highways through beautiful mountains. There was even a 12 mile tunnel!

It was wonderful to visit the children in Ankang again and to spend time with the staff as well. They LOVE seeing pictures of the kids now!

After playing with the kids, Jeff and Michael headed to the Director’s office for discussions while Brittany, Jenny, and Mollie spent more time with the babies, Wen Wen, Mei Ling, Fang Fang, and Miao Miao.

We then took all of them (including Mr He and his family) to KFC for lunch before heading back to Xian for our flight to Beijing. It was another emotional day but we continue to keep good relations and hope to help as many of these children as possible (especially Wen Wen).

Final Time At Camp

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The final part of camp is when we thank our translators and give them an award. After that, we had free time to go to downtown Xian and then a fun dinner and a trip to the Karaoke place. These are very popular in China and we had a blast!

Day 5 – Final Day at BMH Camp

July 16, 2010 in 2010 Trip, Adoption, Pictures, Trips

We say goodbye to the children and to the Translators. We also visited Old Xian it was a fantastic day!!!

We have all had an emotional day!  Saying goodbye was NOT easy — you really get attached to these kids!!